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Garmin GPS in ALDI

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  • Garmin GPS in ALDI

    ALDI will be selling the Garmin Geko 201 GPS receiver this Thursday for €130.
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    Personal review of GEKO system
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      I have a 201 , it's a very basic GPS but small and light . No real manual waypoint entry but if you are only needing occasional grids or loading tracks via PC it's perfect. Battery life about 4 hours at full.
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        They also have some good offers on other outdoor type stuff -


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          yeah i have one

          it is basic but works well. like trellheim said, get it together with some mapping software (Google Earth is free) and a data cable, it's good for seeing where you went. its bright green for better visibility too.


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            will this system give an irish grid reference or just a lat/ long ?
            the walking traveling accs they are selling includes a good wallet pouch type thing which can be modified into a usefull tac aide pouch well worth it.
            compass is cheap but works and is a usefull backup or a introductory model.
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              greyfox it will give both - you can select grids for lots of different countries including Ireland.
              its pretty robust so it doesnt really need a pouch. it is the same size and weight as a typical mobile phone.


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                I suggest mapquest software...

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