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    Originally posted by Te Kaha View Post
    I do have some sympathy with what your trying to argue. That is having a deployment as self sufficent as you can make it in terms of necessary equipment. It has been one of the deployment tensions that us Anzac's have faced because we have learnt the hard way. Gallipoli, Greece, Crete, the early stages of the North African campaign. Its an essential part of NZDF doctrine now that if a deployment goes anywhere a helicopter flight goes also and/or at least a C-130 is available. All under the in theatre control of the SNO. It doesn't matter if it is a lowlev like RAMSI the rationale is where the Diggers go a couple of Huey's go too. Its all about having options. The thing is from where I'm coming from is that we don't trust UN Contractors or Lease/Charter outfits half as much as our own people.

    I think that NZDF doctrine makes a lot of sense. Air transport and helicopters for trooplift, liaison, observation, medevac etc., should be integral elements of almost any force these days, they're not a luxury or an optional extra, or something we'll hire when we get out there.

    Unfortunately, in Ireland there is a major imbalance in the military forces structure, with 80% of personnel and all senior DF positions held by the Army, and the Naval Service and Air Corps only accounting for 10% each and both reporting to the Army. There are probably historical and economic reasons why this situation has developed, but personally I think it's time for a radical re-balancing of resources between the three services, and an equalisation of status.

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    It is reported that India has just signed up for 80 Mi-17s, at a cost of about $8 million (€5.5 million) each.

    Alternatives such as the Blackhawk and NH-90 are much more expensive and in some respects, not as capable. Mi-17s can be fitted with western engines and/or avionics, which should address some of the operating cost and spares availability issues.

    Apparently the Eurocopter Puma/Cougar is seen as the main competition to the Mi-17. Maybe the Air Corps should keep an eye out for some secondhand Pumas? Or look for a lease deal such as Eurocopter recently offerred to the RAF.

    Whereas the AW139 can lift a section, the Cougar - originally known as the Alouette IV - could lift the whole platoon in one go (as could the Mi-17).


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      Originally posted by Tadpole View Post
      You are at the mercy of the manufacturer and the government in the tender process. The manufacturer only submits what he wants to sell while the government wait the first chance to cancel the whole thing, your already backed into a corner before it starts. So from the last tender bearing in mind cost, maintenance, usefulness in IRELAND ONLY which would you have picked:

      EC145, S76C+, S70, AW139

      76 out as it didnt pass essential criteria, 145 tiny, S70 maintenance nightmare with current IAC practices. Choice, take whats left or cancel the competition and be at the whim of the government wheather it ever comes back or not and even if it does whos to say it wont be the same aircraft.

      In a public purchasing process like this, it is the tender document which provides the specifications that candidate helicopters must meet. Most of the contents of that document would have been put together by Air Corps management (pilots), so the suspicion that the shiniest, sexiest, fastest machine with the latest gadgetry and the most 'pilot' cred was a factor, is probably justified.

      Bear in mind that before producing the document, the Air Corps would have been looking around to see what's available. The likelihood is that they had more or less made up their minds before the tender document was even written.

      The Government's main role would have been to approve the total budget request from the Defence Forces, which in turn would have come primarily from Baldonnel.

      I'm puzzled about the attitude of the Army though: why didn't they insist - and they are the big boys in the DF, so they have the clout - that they wanted big, strong trooplifters, regardless of how 'pretty' they looked, and let the other secondary roles take second place, or be covered by the LUH, or the Gardai, or the HSE, or whoever....?


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        I'm strumming my Satnav can't find the place


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          Whats a Craphat?


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            You guys started the statistics, not me.


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              Try Johnny Crapaud, I bet Crapgame in Kelly's Heroes was from a Corps Unit.


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                Never give a Craphat an even break....I don't and won't burnt too many times. Their Allies are many ..but I'll be back...If you want to see what I mean just try


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                  Originally posted by luchi View Post
                  Could that be because they are iving in the same area and get the IP addr from the exchange?

                  Unless they are both logged on at the same time with the same IP it can only be viewed as suspicious.
                  This could also just mean the share the same computer.

                  Should I become an MP?

                  Well you are assuming innocence here!!! So I would say no!!! But its not all in there cept you have to actually follow all the rules!!!
                  I probably am wrong, sorry about that!!!

                  Please PM me to correct me.

                  But, not if I state an opinion, only if I state something as truth!!!

                  I have bad opinions but I stick by them!!!


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                    Originally posted by luchi View Post
                    I'm not looking for his opinion or for you to comment on his behalf.

                    You are recommending his approach, so I am asking why does it apeal to you so and do you take your own advice?
                    Have you guys got the message yet?


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                      Is it a recent acquisition?