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  • Grab Mat from RVOPS

    fold up and go

    A foldout flat mat for OP work (800mm diameter), inside it has a wipe clean document case (500mm x 370 mm) for maps, target coordinates and range cards etc. This mat is also ideal for servicing equipment & cleaning weapons. In an emergency, pull the cord, the mat collapses holding everything secure as you bug out

    for 20 quid sterling sounds good.
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    good idea that, never seen one before, thanks for sharing that with us.

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      Are you on commission mate?

      It looks like a good piece of kit, but I find myself shedding more and more stuff from my daysack it an effort to reduce weight without finding extra stuff to throw into it, and I reckon the dump pouch on my rig will suffice in a hurry for stashing bits and pieces.

      For a section/platoon commander though it would be useful as a base for model making, but not across the board.


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        My first thought was handy.

        My second thought was, is it really worth the weight
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          Besides, how does it collapse? Does it fold neatly, crumble into a ball, or will it be a complete clusterfĂșck to pack into an already well packed daysack/pouch?


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            that's ok mostly the same questions I was thinking !
            "Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? "

            "No, they're trying to fly the tank"


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              Trellheim, is it RVOPS that does the youtube demos of some of their products ?
              There's a good one of the Jetboil on youtube, for instance...

              Maybe there's a video demo of this, will give you an idea of its merits ?
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