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    Originally posted by Goldie fish View Post
    I see the ESS Flyby being tested in the most Recent An Cosantoir. Anyone know a source for these? My ICE are due an upgrade.

    If thats from the kit section, then Team Alpha aka Daniel Technologies have been giving out freebies to different members of the DF to test out, do a write up for an cosantoir and reap the sales rewards afaik... doesn't necessarily mean we're going to get them, but can't imagine it harms their cause when ordanance put out a tender or rfi's....


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      I had them before. They were handy enough as they aren't too bulky and a lot easier to stick on and off as opposed to goggles. I didn't tend to bother / lost the alternate lenses. They've been around a while so I'd imagine you could pick them up cheap enough on eBay.
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        I use the ESS ICE on the Bike always. Lost count how many bats/moths/bees have not ended up taking my eye eout as a result of wearing them. Amber lenses are fantastic on a foggy day, clear lenses go on after dusk.
        But I bought the current pair in 2007 from Cushtac. its time to modernise.

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          Originally posted by northie View Post
          If thats from the kit section, then Team Alpha aka Daniel Technologies have been giving out freebies to different members of the DF to test out
          I don't think Daniel Technologies run the Team Alpha site any more.
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            Had the ESS ICE 2.4 for almost a year now. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. I've used them for shooting, cycling, and even just as a set of shades for outdoorsy activities. Always reliable, always comfortable, and with the retention strap, always where they should be.
            While cycling they've protected me from some substantial insect strikes (a bee at 40kph is no laughing matter if it hits you in the eye) and so far haven't been tested in a similar way while shooting (thank god). The yellow tinted ones are fantastic for letting you see the world in high contrasr, as they cut out some shades of blue. Handy for pistol shooting as they can help you see the fall of the shot and let you tighten up your group. All in all, delighted to have them. For the level of protection they offer, and at the price of a night out, you'd be mad not to get a set.
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              revisit : anyone here do Rx inserts or know of somewhere to get them done rather than shipping the work off to USA ?


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