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    I'm in the market for a new time piece.

    My Trusty G Shock Mud man of about 6 years is no more (Through my own fault as opposed to a failure of the watch). I'm very tempted to get a new version of the same watch.

    Then this little beauty caught my eye...I chose to ignore the cheesey "stealthy secret mission" bullsh!t.

    Or else the Mudmans posery brother

    The atomic power of this isn't really a runner as I sync my time to what time I'm told as opposed to what time it is! But the solar power is deffo worth it. And it has the reliable mudman stamp.

    Either way it has to be able to survive a good crawl through the mud.

    Anyone tried either before?
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    Wont last as long as a €100 watch but you'll be way less upset when it breaks/gets lost as it only costs €7.

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      What happened to your mudman?

      I have a riseman with the atomic clock sync - you can still set the time manually, which deactivates the automatic sync with the atomic clock.


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        2 and a half years of solid abuse, and bar a few scuff on the case, good as new. Simple as when functions are concerned, and the analog is a pain to set sometimes, but bar all that, good watch that performs when you need it to. If you shop around on ebay you can get a new one for €60.

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          In the market myself, however with a tendency towards nickel allergy, I need one with a strap that goes all around the wrist, with the silver bit not exposed to make contact with skin. Any ideas?

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            My gshock is approaching a decade, the strap is held together with elastic but the core unit soldiers on, no sign of battery failure. That works out to €7 a year.
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              i have the same watch as captain edmund have it 8 yrs it has a new strap thats it. it takes a lot of abuse and keeps goin


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                meh.........g-shock, mudman, casio..........Bleurrggghh............soon there'll be an app for that!!


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                  Originally posted by Goldie fish View Post
                  In the market myself, however with a tendency towards nickel allergy, I need one with a strap that goes all around the wrist, with the silver bit not exposed to make contact with skin. Any ideas?
                  You can get adapters (a bit ugly) for some G-shocks so that they can take "NATO straps" - basically just a webbing strap that goes all the way round.

                  Have had my eye on GW5600 for a while, need a new watch after my cheap Vostok gave up.

                  Here's a bloke who just cuts a NATO strap to fit a GW5600:


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                    What about a Suunto Vector HR? similarly rugged, loads of gadgets, military favourite and also has heart rate monitor for training.

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                      Think the Suunto may be too complicated for him........
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                        I presume you had the old mudman if its 6 years old, try this lad survived recruit and 2* training, never left my wrist and not a mark on it, well worth the money IMO .....
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                          That is the one I have. Very pleasantly surprised by the compass, if all else failed you could make it home by navving with it.
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                            recently got a G-shock myself. Model 3750, cost Eu 116 all in from a dealer on ebay, delivered in a few days. Tough as a boot.