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    Originally posted by Captain Edmund Blackadder View Post
    ...Any suggestions?
    yes. don't.

    they are massive. and heavy.

    hit fleabay and find the snugpak softie Hawk 9 or Kestral 6 sleeping bags. 9 is early spring to late autumn in comfort, 6 is late spring to early autumn in comfort. they are around 500g lighter than the bags you're looking at.

    i've still got - and use regularly - a Hawk 9 i bought in 1993. the quality is brilliant - Snugpak make some of their bags in the UK and some in China, and when you lay your hands on them you can tell which is which. they have a tab on the website so you where each product comes from. unlike some brands, i find the snugpak temp ratings to be conservative, i've used mine happily in much lower temps than the Hawk is advertised at.

    heres a couple from fleabay.




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      Originally posted by apod View Post
      I have a Carinthia made MCSS(google it! Two bags for the price of one)
      AFAIK we get issued these. Although, I was only issued one bag of the bags but was told (guaranteed) it was suitable for Norway. ****ing froze my tits off for 3 weeks, thanks to those caaaahnts.


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        Lads, I was lookinh at going down the route of a Kestral 6 and Thermalon liner.

        Yay or nay?


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          Originally posted by Fridge Magnet View Post
          ...Yay or nay?
          kestral is a good bag, its a good quality 'baseline' - the Thermaline liner might well work for you (its all subjective, personal stuff..), and if not there are other options to use for different amounts of additional insulation - you can get silk liners, fleece liners, cotton liners...

          the only issue is that Polypropylene (i'm pretty sure Thermaline is Polypropylene, the same as 'Meraklon') has a very low melting point, and you'd want to be switched on to that in any bivvy situation. they are however intensly practical as a liner - warm, comfortable, easy to wash.

          you could use your Kestral bag in the winter months by using a bivvy bag, a liner, and the softie trousers - you can get them new on fleabay etc.. for £20 these days.