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  • Austria is going with the Gentex Ops-Core Sentry XP helmet.
    Ops-Core Sentry XP Helmets For Austria | Joint Forces News (


    • At last
      Public RFT - Supply of IMBAS to Irish DoD (

      Candidates should note that due to the nature of the Goods required, the full details of the Contracting Authority’s specifications, requirements and contractual provisions not already provided, will only be made available to applicants that have passed the prequalification process. Department of Defence, IRELAND, is considering the acquisition of a Soldier’s Individual Modular Body Armour System (IMBAS). The IMBAS shall be a vest type system with a padded waist belt. The system shall also be capable of carrying prescribed mission essential equipment for military deployments ranging from static guard duties to conventional military operations. The IMBAS is intended primarily for Land Component Forces deployed on: (a) Regimental duties in barracks. (b) Aid to the Civil Power (ATCP) operations. (c) Peace Support Operations (PSO), both peace keeping and peace enforcement. (d) Crowd Riot Control (CRC) in ATCP and PSO. (e) Conventional military operations. Such operations may at any time include mounted (APC/IFV), airborne, airmobile and littoral phases. It is intended that the IMBAS will be designed so as to provide the soldier with the level of ballistic/fragmentation protection (BFP) that optimises mobility, agility, survivability and durability appropriate to a given operational situation and assessed threat(s). BFP shall be afforded to the soldier by an interdependent conjunction of soft and hard armours, i.e. Soft Armour Insert (SAI) and Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) respectively.
      The Contracting Authority may separate the requirements into two (2) Lots at a later stage of the procurement process in order to provide the Contracting Authority with the optimal and most economically advantageous solution for the requirements. The two (2) distinct Lots being considered are as follows; Lot 1; The supply of 6000 units with an option to purchase up to 8100 units over a four year period. Lot 2; Spare armoured inserts (hard and soft) and other associated consumables as may be required in the course of the term of the contract and the lifetime of the product whichever is the longest. It is intended that any purchase arising from this competition shall be delivered DAP (Incoterms) Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Ireland.
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