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    I haven't spotted any thread on boots here for a while so I'm assuming there is nothing recent.

    I'm NSR so I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a pair of boots that won't break the bank and will be good for the range, field days and some hiking. I won't be doing nearly as much green stuff as the AR obviously.

    Just want to have one set of boots nicely polished up for show and another for actual usage. All suggestions welcome!

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    Same as ever really - Haix, Alt-berg, Meindl, Lowa...

    In terms of sizing the Alt-berg come up smaller than the Haix, I'm an 8M in Haix, but a 9W in Alt-berg. The Haix boots are, involved, warmer than the Alt-berg.

    It depends on what fits you, what your headshed will let you wear - and crucially, black or brown.

    Whether you can go for a lighter boot like the magnums-type this game depends on what you mean by 'hiking' and what a field day entails - if it's a few 10 yard spurts of Fire and Manoeuvre then the fabric boots should be fine, if it's a 40km tab over the mountains with belt-kit, Bergen, rifle and a billionty rounds then probably not...


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      NS are due to change their boot type when the NSV-DPM goes on issue.For NS on ship use whatever boots you get need to be black,non slip,anti-static etc etc also a side zip is handy for when you need to change out rapidly into Fire fighting gear.

      if you were PDF or AR I would advise against buying ANYTHING until the final decision is made on the new boots. Haix scout in brown is the one that has been choosen for overseas use at this time with very strong rumours that they are going to replace the current boots(Don't get me started)

      So i guess it boils down to what you are going to use the boots for really.
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        The Lowa Z8 and Zephyr range. Have used and abused both in a variety of landscapes and weather conditions over the last while. Very positive experiences. Good support and they look good too. They seem a popular option seeing the amount of lads wearing them about the place.
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          Thanks for the recommendations lads. I'll take a look online. I'm in no mad rush to buy so I may be as well off to wait and see what changes Naval DPM brings. Of course it has to go on issue first and then get filtered down to the reserve.

          Liking a lot of those boots actually but worried I wouldn't get the wear out of them!


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            A word on issue boots.
            I was issued a pair of Magnum Amazon towards the end of my RDF days, probably in 2010. I look after them and they still get used regularly, and were a godsend during last years snow. If there is a day at work when I expect to be kicking down doors, there is no other boot I'll wear. Lightweight, with a fantastic speed lacing system meaning you can put them on and walk about safely in an emergency without having to tie them. Canvas uppers. Great support, lowers are waterproof, but I'd happily wear them all day.
            I was issued a pair of HAIX Special Force S3 Medium safety boots in 2015. Worn in work on every day I'm in uniform, in all weathers. Use the approved shoe cream every time. Can be a bit heavy at the end of the day if you are on your feet all the time, but confident on steel ship decks or in the back of reefer boxes and cold stores. The only problem I have with them is they squeak, are no longer on the safety boot catolog for us, and I look forward to replacing them with something called "Jolly".
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