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  • Garmin E-Trex GPS

    Not to be a bastard to the board and the store, but the Garmin E-Trex advertised for Stg£109/EUR€160.00 is available from other online stores for €93.00 inclusive of delivery.

    I know this because I ordered one from gps4fun (I think) on Friday and on Tuesday it was waiting for me in work when I arrived. A saving of over 40% on the IMO price.

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    It pays to shop around.


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      What about VAT and custom duties? Buying outside the EU can get you royally shafted!
      MY new Phone/MP3 player was E190 to buy and deliver but got caught for E60 VAT and custom dues! Still made a saving as it cost E400 in Ireland at the time.
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        Swings and roundabouts. Some items are cheaper here than can be found in other stores,Likewise some items(particularly electronic gear) can be more expensive. It is difficult to be competitive when you are only selling small quantities.

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          why not try ebay
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