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  • New Bivvy Bags

    There's new camo MVP bivvy bags in the store.
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    bivvy bags

    can you put your sleeping bag in a bivvy bag, put up your poncho
    is this enough to keep dry, instead of two pounchos together to make ground sheet
    and roof and put it bwteen 2 trees
    hurry up and wait, are you back yet


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      Do what ever you are comfortable with - if you are using a bivvy bag you don't have to use a basha/poncho (but I do as it keeps your kit and "admin area" dry).


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        Its another bag to get out of in a bug out.
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          I've had a bivvy bag for about 2 years now and am very happy with it. This thing of sleeping in it without a ponco over you. What happens if it rains cos your face would get soaked and water would run in? Any advice or suggestions on this?


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            Folks, for the un -initiated the issue sleeping system is as follows.
            Sleeping bag (either b.a type 97 ptn or carra made 98 ptn copy)
            Bivvy bag
            bungee cords.

            How it is used.
            Tie basha between trees either in apex or lean to configuration,place kipmat under basha,place sleeping bag into bivvy bag.Place combined bags onto kipmat.

            in warm weather you could ditch the sleeping bag and just use the bivvy bag as the 97/98 bags are arctic type 5 season bags.most of us use lightweight 2-3 season bags as the 97/98 bags are too bulky and too recruits are being issued the nanok jungle bag instead.I believe this is the same one issued for Liberia?The plan is for a stockpile of the old bags to be held over for pso bns serving in cold climates Ie the balkans during winter trips.The irish dpm poncho currently being issued is not considered part of the sleeping system.
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              new bivi bags

              Originally posted by FMolloy
              There's new camo MVP bivvy bags in the store.

              hi, ive just joined the site and ive been on the lookout for a bivi bag for a while, ive been going around the site but cant seem to find the store or list of stock in the store. help :tri:

              just found the link, cancel my last
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