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  • The Battle Belt

    Morning folks,

    While perusing DF Flickr this morning, I came across the Recce Commanders Course Combat Shooting gallery. The Battle Belt seems to be all the rage at present, and I am wondering if there's been any guidance on the use or loadout?

    The Gallery for those interested is located here
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    Off topic, apologies, but the Belgian DPM is so cool


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        Private purchase.All of them. Battle belt will go on issue when IMBAS comes on stream. Only people wearing Battle belts at present are the Wing and Snipers,
        Nobody wears them while using the Battlevest in the field as the bottom of the vest comes down too low and pouches on the belt would get caught on it.

        Notice in the pictures that anybody wearing the battlevest has had to empty all their pouches on the strongside in order to be able to quick draw from the holster without obstruction?Either that or firers are just wearing GSBA "slick" with no pouches to get in the way.
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