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  • webbing?

    hey im thinkin of gettin myself webbing soon or else get the parentals to get me it for christmas either way i want to know what to chose as its so expensive as u know maybe we cant advertise brands here i dunno but if u have any advice im all ears thanks
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      You have three choices:

      1. Buy a new OG set from the store (€170 for a seven-piece set) or from another vendor.

      2. Buy a grade 1 OG set from the store (€120 at present for a seven-piece set) or from another vendor.

      3. Buy a new DPM set from Protac or Army Bargins (€200 for an eight-piece set).

      The store's seven-piece sets consist of belt, yoke, 2 ammo & 3 utility pouches. Protac's eight-piece set is the same plus a poncho roll.

      I'll leave to the board members to advise you in case somebody gets in a strop about my objectivity.
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        I bought a set of the old type Protac webbing (with fastex buckles) in OG. Used it once, and then went and bought PLCE off FMolloy. Make of this what you will


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            You said in the recruit depot you are thinking of enlisting next summer, so why bother buying webbing if you are only going to get a few days use out of it

            instead take the money you would have spent on it,

            take out €5.00 for your self to get chips and an onion ring

            the rest send to www. buy Mrs Hedgehog a christmas present .com

            its my latest charity, i am hoping Sir Bob, Bono and John O Shea (goal one, so thats defitnely not the man utd one) are going to be on the board

            ps include te change from the chipper
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              You can buy decent sets of webbing on ebay, but check the price of post before hand


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                I will recommend one person only to get your kit from, and that is Mr. Molloy, The kit and service is good. Even a good buddy of mine uses the kit sourced through me as he is on of the few without internet.
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                  The problem with Protac gear is that it look different from issue stuff and draws attention. Depending on the unit you have, this can be detrimental to your health.

                  FMolloys stuff is Brit Army PLCE and is identical to Irish PLCE (except for a few small clips etc). Then again you may be in a unit that insists on wearing '58 pattern. Don't buy '58 Pattern!

                  Personally I have Brit PLCE (Bought years ago when FMolloy was not in the Business) and have supplemented it with extra pouches from FMolloy. Have bought Protac stuff in the past but only specialist items. Good stuff but hideously expensive.

                  Your call


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                    Is this the infamous '58 pattern webbing? What's wromg with it? Price looks good. Customize it with a few decent pouches and fastex buckles and your away in a hack !!!

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                      Originally posted by strummer
                      Is this the infamous '58 pattern webbing? What's wromg with it?
                      Yes thats it.

                      1. The belts are too short. People in the 50's were obviously smaller in stature than today. Basically, My '58 is opened out to the last and still looks like a bra on me.
                      2. The backpack is a nightmare. It is not on that pic but trust me.
                      3. The kidney pouches open everytime you hit the ground hard spraying their contents all over the ground.
                      4. When it gets wet, forget about trying to adjust anything.

                      It ain't that bad a system but is outdated and better systems exist.


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                        Originally posted by Barry
                        I bought a set of the old type Protac webbing (with fastex buckles) in OG. Used it once, and then went and bought PLCE off FMolloy. Make of this what you will
                        More money then brains?
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                          Originally posted by Gasplug
                          More money then brains?
                          We cannt all rob the army blind like some people...


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                            I've had Protac webbing for the last 2 years or so and haven't had any major problems with it. I have used it quite a bit since then and it's seen some pretty rough usage (particularly on the Pots course). However, if I was issued PLCE by the Army I would use that instead.

                            It's a bit of a pain in the ass when you see guys who have been issued PLCE which never (or rarely) use it.


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                              Ok. The two problems I've had with the Protac webbing are: The belt it came with was not rigid enough so the pouches didn't sit properly, they tended to sag. Also the pouches were a pain in the ass to get on and off as you had to remove other pouches to get one that was further down the belt off. I believe that this is not the case on the new protac PLCE style webbing. I bought a PLCE belt instead. On the waterbottle pouch a button came off after getting clogged up on 'scratch'. That rendered that pouch useless. Otherwise no problems.

                              Like I said If I was given or issued a set of the issue stuff I'd use it. Anyone want to offer me a set that they don't need?
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