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  • Yeah it's a real shame. Their customer service was second to none, there was always a deal or discount to be had if you engaged them directly.

    Oh well, KitMonster is still going strong, I hope.


    • from recall RVops were on the expensive side, but actually i think its a wider issue that will effect all the suppliers - simply that the issued kit is usually as good (broadly), or certainly not many hundreds of pounds worse, as what you can buy commercially, and while gucci kit fiends will always be about and things will go in and out of fashion, there's no longer 100,000 people needing to buy decent boots, goretex's and bergens...

      i was chatting to a friend about it not long ago and comparing now to the early 90's when we both joined - my first tour was in 1993/4 to Bosnia with the TA, and i took almost nothing that was on issue, and instead my Bty dipped into its funds to buy what the seniors knew i'd need rather than the utter tat on offer from the MOD. commercial boots, windproof, commercial waterproofs, commercial duvet jacket, gloves, sleeping bag, chest rig etc.. well in excess of £1000 in early 90's money. now however if you sent me to a Bosnian winter tour there's almost nothing that i'd think i needed to buy rather than relying on the issue gear.

      the old DMS or S8 boots cost the MOD less than £20, compare that to the Alt-bergs, Meindls etc.. on offer today.


      • Originally posted by Duffman View Post
        The arktis rainshield jacket is supposed to be a savage bit of kit. Its out of general production in the original OG, but it popped up there on the list!!
        I got one of the rainshields, unreal bit of kit!


        • The Garmin EPIX GPS watch on ibood today for e170 seems to be at a good price.

          They seem to be about 2 years old now but the reviews are pretty good.
          I'm not sure if it does Irish Grid out of the box but if not, you can get a free plugin that adds it

          The sooner we all move all of our maps, systems and training to MGRS, the better though.
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