When do you start?

  1. gibedepusib0ss
    I'm early april at the moment, ATR Winchester.

    Irish Kid, when are where are ya off to?
  2. BJG
    Is that Main Board you're off to Napp or the Briefing?

    Either way, if you could let me know how it went I'd really appreciate it.

    Best of luck and happy new year!
  3. gibedepusib0ss
    Briefing - I'll post up how it goes from start to finish soon. Then I'll post up the main board stuff after it happens!
  4. irish kid
    irish kid
    Napp i am away the 6th of march to Catterick mate.
  5. rod and serpent
    rod and serpent
  6. irish kid
    irish kid
    Looking forward to it.
  7. knocker
    @ Irish Kid
    Are you PDF RDF or a civilian joining up ?
  8. irish kid
    irish kid
    I'm PDF due to be discharged in 2 weeks.
  9. knocker
    best of luck with everything, if you need any help / advice do drop me a line, ill see what i can do
  10. irish kid
    irish kid
    Cheers knocker,
    Enjoy Canada,RGJ was telling me yous went for a few beverages the other night
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