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How do I create a Poll?

If you are creating a new topic you may be able to post a poll if the Administrator has given you permission to do so.

Polls allow you to pose questions to other users of the site. Other users will be able to vote for one (or more, if you allow) choices and a summary of the results will be displayed at the start of the topic after you or they vote.

To create a poll click on the Graph Icon in the editor when creating a new topic.

The title/subject of the message should be the poll question. After pressing the Graph Icon fields for 3 poll answers will automatically be created below the message. You may decrease the number of answers by pressing the Remove button next to each possible answer field. You may add additional answers by pressing the Add another answer link. The site Administrator sets the maximum number of answers allowed.

Optionally you may set a "Poll Timeout" or a specific date and time the poll will close. Check the Set poll timeout box and a new field will appear. Press the small Calendar Icon to open a calendar and choose a specific date. You can also use the sliders to choose a specific hour and minute to close the poll. Press Done when you have chosen a date and time.

Note, the topic will remain open, however no new answers will be allowed in the poll after the timeout date and time.

The Allow multiple choice option will allow users to select more than one answer when voting.

The Make votes public option allows all users to see who voted for what answers in the poll. If this is not checked only the Administrator will be able to see who voted.

You may complete the rest of the post as normal and press Post when done to post the poll to a new topic.