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The NZ DF have a very long list of expensive equipment procurements that have turned out to be complete ****ups and white elephants in a short space of time.
If you had digested what I wrote previously, I was quite specific that the early to mid noughties the NZ Govt bought equipment against the advice of the NZDF, yes they were White Elephants. However, that is approaching 2 decades ago. Since the re-equipment process has started since DWP 15 and in fact formulated in the earlier DWP 2010, with a complete restructuring of defence procurement policy and procedure, they have not put a foot wrong - no white elephants. Every project is well thought through, coherent and now well funded. Thus I firmly reject the premise that a period of poor acquisition making years ago has any relevancy now in 2020. Furthermore it was not the NZDF who selected those "white elephant" all those years ago it was the MoD with interference from the DPM&C, with quite a lot of skullduggery from certain elements within the Army who because funding was drying up, ran a campaign to undermine the Air Force and Navy to kill off there major projects to save their own.

The Bushmaster is replacing the Armoured Pinzer not the LAVIII which an idiotic government of the day bought 32 more LAV's than they needed, even when it was under going massive defence cuts. As you are someone who has been involved in armoured vehicles you clearly would understand that their are the different tools for the job in the different situations within a complex modern Army instructed to do everything from local civil defence emergencies through to Tier 1 classified Special Operations. With decent funding going to the Army we now do not have to compromise with just two classes of protected mobility. We can have the right tool for the right scenario. If it is excess to our needs we get rid of it. QAMR has traditionally has three Squadrons. There is no need for a 4th or 5th thus those 32 LAV's on the block are excess to future needs and the money saved on that can be spent elsewhere on real transformational projects like our component of the FVEY's network enable army. LAV's assigned to QAMR have their important place in the order of battle for Chp VII and above type scenarios per fire support and manoevuer, and we will still retain 75 for that purpose. Likewise there is also a place for lighter protected mobility assets in supporting roles such as Bushmasters, HMT Supacats and even Pinzers assigned to a wide group of other users within the Army, not just QAMR.