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    Timex Ironman Watches


    My long suffering G-shock has bought the farm after 10 years of immersion in all sorts of foul liquids on five continents.

    I was coasting along on my good (i.e. not bombproof) watch up till now but increasingly tis the season where I'll be swimming, running, cycling and falling off things so I can't risk killing my one respectable looking watch.

    Unfortunately it comes at a time when budgets are tight (i.e. non army/mountaineering stuff has absorbed all of my discretionary spending).

    My track record with the oft sworn by cheap digital watches has not been great so when I saw this on Wiggle i was tempted.

    Any opinions/feedback?
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    Timex Ironman are shite - i've seen many fall apart over the years with buttons falling off and water ingress - stick to G-Shock - i've yet to see one fail.

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    Try here (can be cheaper)|Timex|1.htm

    Last 2 watches and current one are Timex - so read what you want into that

    I prefer the fabric straps (which end up smelly after a few years (say 5 years)) I haven't found anyone to replace them

    Go for it

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