As a result of the many attacks on the decisions of the Admins and Mods, I have decided to remind all of you of some of the rules of IMO. These rules are in the first thread of the Announcements section. I list them again and I have highlighted the ones that were abused recently.

Discussion Board Code of Conduct

1. The user undertakes not to make use of or publish material that is obscene, libelous or defamatory or in violation of any right of any third party.

2. No user shall interfere or attempt to interfere in any way with information belonging to another person. Similarly no user shall make unauthorised copies of information belonging to another person.

3. The user must not undertake any actions that brings this website into disrepute.

4. Please note that any comment relating to your military service in the Irish Defence Forces that is in breach of military regulations or Official Secrets Act 1963, or considered by Admin/Moderators to be of a militarily sensitive nature, will result in the immediate removal of the comment and possible disciplinary action by Admin/Moderators and may result in disciplinary action by the military authorities against the author of such comments. It should also be noted that this includes the posting of information which may compromise the security of military installations which is also forbidden.

5. Details of times, dates or contents of military courses cannot and will not be published on this site.

6. The Administrator and / or Moderators reserve the right to ban any member from using this discussion board, at their own discretion.

7. All complaints, with regard this board should be directed as per the complaints procedure found here

8. Text speak is not acceptable on IMO

9. Insulting and abuse of any other member of the board is not acceptable at any time. Every member of the board is entitled to his/her opinion even if it is different from your own. Differences of opinion do NOT give you the right to abuse people.

Please abide by the rules. If you do not you will receive infraction points (10 points - automatic moderation, 20 points automatic ban) and in serious cases a ban.