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    We dont have Cav Battalions. Even the squadrons we have each while doing similar roles, all are equipped differently.
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    If we look at the UK light cavalry model, the Jackal is the vehicle of choice. With the Mowag, the amount of time it takes a trooper to get qualified to be able to drive the thing and be a gunner on it is pretty immense. Looking at things from a Reserve Cav perspective, you'll never have a reserve trooper who can fill the full role in the Cav bar being a dismount, meaning they cannot really assist their regular counterparts in a like for like capacity.

    Using standard weapons like the 0.5 and GPMG, and the weight of the vehicle being equivalent to the Merc's, conversion could be a quick process.

    Would a lighter cavalry model for three troops, using a jackal like vehicle, a HQ troop using the LTAVs that we currently have, and the Support troop with MRV's make sense? Light and agile, that can pack a punch.
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