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    Reserves while in college

    Hi, I am a first year medical student and I'm looking for some advice. Essentially I know for definite i want to serve in the defence forces as either a PDF or RDF medical officer once I am three years posts college as it's the minimum. However, recently I have started to look more into the RDF and am now intent on joining as an enlisted member between now and serving as a doctor. I cannot decide between the army or navy reserve I live in Dublin so both have branches near by. Essentially I am looking for pros and cons to both? I have researched both I love the water and sailing and always have but I also love hiking and the outdoors in general and the army reserve lifestyle appeals to me too. Before you suggest I wouldn't intend to be a medic if in the AR but would hope to branch infantry/artillery/cavalry. Thanks for all your responses in advance, any advice is appreciated!

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    NSR will involve a number of courses in Cork and time at sea.

    If you want to be am Medical Officer time in an infantry unit will definitely stand to you.

    I'd apply but it could be 12+ months before you get in the door and that will give you a chance to bed into college more.

    Bit of info on MOs:

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    I would definitely recommend reaching out to the, which is made up of RDF and PDF MOs..they should definitely be able to give you some advice.

    But you have at least 5 more years of study to complete before you will be eligible to join the RDF or PDF as a MO.

    If you need any further info you can send me a PM.
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