The Department must take care of bringing employers on board to facilitate the release of Reservists for training. If we cannot do it or see the way forward then we shouldn't be in the business we are in.
Basically and not to put too fine a point on it, the employers don't give a shit! The members of the reserve don't have options as hey do in the US or the UK, one could actually argue that reservists using their annual leave to part take in training are in breach of the working time act.

This was a huge discussion on this board back in the late 1990s / early noughties where a member argued the case against employers being obliged to facilitate annual training and with the benefit of age , I now see where he was coming from, that while employers can often absorb the cost of people being non available, some smaller businesses cannot manage without the actual people. Career suicide as was offered.

Outside urban centres without military posts , reservists are almost non existant. Clonmel in the past had three reserve corps represented in one backs, now..not a reservist living in the town. Simply not attractive or even an option.

So until you can recruit or offer favourable terms to the potential recruits its all just pie in the sky.