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    There isn't any. As long as they are brown and issued they can wear them AFAIK.

    I wonder also if the Drop shorts will be issued both the normal Scouts for day to day use AND the new Safe toes that are only being purchased for them?
    Same with the Wing.I can't see them cutting about in Brown Lowas all the time either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeV View Post
    Meanwhile the MOD 7 years ago did this

    I do wonder how that works for uniformity for parade though
    There's no such thing now - and we've discovered that it doesn't matter.

    Lots of people, me included, wear the Aku base boot for general mooching, but once you're out on the range or whatever it's anything goes.

    They don't even need to be issue boots, the choice available means that almost everyone does wear one of the issued boots, but there are people who wear non-issued boots - stuff like Meindls, Lowas etc...

    If we do a parade - like a freedom march - we'll try and get everyone in a similar boot, and the last time I did one it was a mix of Alt-bergs and Haixs CWW(and I presume anything else that looked similar) but that's the extent of uniformity of boots.

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