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You'd need to go back through the years to watch it change; the answers are asked now and then in the PQ's
Went back to have a look. The establishment of the DF is remarkably clear post emergency, and doesn't change until the late 60s.

PDF establishment goes down to 12500 post emergency, I can't seem to find a definitive figure for the emergency establishment but for some reason the figure 40,000 is stuck in my head. So the PDF was massively under its establishment through the whole of the 1950s into the start of our UN contributions and the Congo in the 60s.

RDF establishment goes from 60,000 post emergency to 22,000 in 1951 I believe and stays there until the late 60s too.

So establishment doesn't change at all really for nearly 20 years, I'd imagine the will to maintain it did though.