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    Sorry about that boss!
    Time for another break I think......

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    That's still not working
    I knew a simple soldier boy.....
    Who grinned at life in empty joy,
    Slept soundly through the lonesome dark,
    And whistled early with the lark.

    In winter trenches, cowed and glum,
    With crumps and lice and lack of rum,
    He put a bullet through his brain.
    And no one spoke of him again.

    You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye
    Who cheer when soldier lads march by,
    Sneak home and pray you'll never know
    The hell where youth and laughter go.

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    Time for another break I think......

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    Quote Originally Posted by hptmurphy View Post
    vBulletin Message

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    Everyone who's ever loved you was wrong.

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    Not exactly the right spot for all of this but anyway...

    [Below relates to my other post regards ‘MOU/defence agreements’ – France and Sweden/Norway/Finland and, previous comments regards the Defence Forces as the nation’s last resort insurance policy etc.]

    Equipment Attainment (the FUN stuff, obviously!):
    - Second hand & with known 2nd uses.
    - Preference for medium (or small) sized example items for maximum deployment
    - Adopt lesser capable items if, results in items with secondary/more flexible use.

    Re-balance of DF - transfer some Army nos. to greater Air Corps and Naval components.
    Re-review (again) RDF – for a conscious, middle course approach – 1st line Reserve (ex-PDF), and 2nd line Reserve of 2 x classes – all intakes initially as Class ‘2.2’ non-integrated - old FCA approach – purposely in greater numbers (in a localised GAA style) i.e. explicit intention to have ‘large’ numbers up to basic ‘trained’ private level (2 star) and involving no (take home) issue of uniform...and circa 1-3 months after attaining 2 stars – issued (take home) uniforms. Post members (voluntarily) into ‘integrated’ (replacement/supplement PDF nos.) class 2.1 reserve OR, for lesser onus of commitment, standards, more local centre opportunities and lesser gratuity, to remain within class 2.2.

    ‘Mitty-ensemble’!, equipment suggestions..
    (in the format of: What – Who - Why)
    [In order of priority]

    -ADATS AA missiles (&anti-armour) – Canada/Philipines – Canada stock recently in storage, similar operation to PDF’s RBS70 but, longer range, bigger warhead, secondary use.
    -Mistral AA missile – France and many others – unlike RBS70 is ‘Fire&Forget’ and guided by heat
    -AA-8 AA missile – Ukraine & many others – small & fired from jets, helicopters & vehicles

    Ground equipment
    -Radar onto existing towed 40mm, as on single/twin 40mm towed guns & CV90/40AA – Sweden, Argentina etc. – near CIWS anti-air/missile, cheaper vs. missiles
    -76mm wheeled self-propelled AA – long est. commercial offers – naval service, long range, cheaper
    -130mm artillery (& anti-armour) – Finland/Iran/Ukraine/India/Eygpt? etc.etc.- inherent long range (50% better than existing, best-range PDF), 90% heavier than PDF’s longest range available shell
    - DORA self propelled artillery truck – Czcech Rep./ Cyprus etc. – wheeled, stored(?), convertible (to 130mm? Etc.)
    -Roiikat armoured car – South Africa – replaced AML, wheeled, 76mm with Naval service, stored

    Air Corps
    -Continue standard on P&W Turbo-prop’ engines but, also use 2nd standard on Lycoming OI prop engines – omnipresent, commercial, cheaper to buy, operate, spares
    -Re-purchase SF-260W (but with uprated 300hp Lycoming) – many – cheap, good trainers & range
    -Re-purchase Cessna – (Lycoming series) – omnipresent – very cheap, good training, useful
    -Britten-Norman Islander (or Tri-Lander!?) (Lycoming only) – many – cheap, range, used for Garda
    -Z8/(Frelon) (lease&later get new type) SAR& Army models Helicopter – China – P&W engines, cheaper, previous French user, excuse to train with France
    -CASA CN -290 Maritime – Mexico/ Ecudor/US? Spain? Etc. – extg. Similar CN235 in Air Corps, but better range, and P&W engines?
    - CASA CN-235 transport – many – CN235 in Air Corps, good as niche use e.g. UN small missions
    :- [IF to ‘obtain’ jets (judgment call for two ( engines unless extreme other reason (e.g.v/stol harrier/yak) as over ocean deployment more dangerous/arduous, & too few aircraft/personnel to loose one example]
    -2 seat Alpha Jet trainers– France/ Germany/Portugal/ltd.UK/etc. – two engines, wide use, cheap, stored, close users [or 2-seat trainer – Sweden – two engines, many stored? Close user, cheap?]
    -2&1-seat Rafale Jet - France – two engines, close user [Euro’ user advert for them & Atlantic ‘presence’]
    -135mm rocket – Sweden & India(?) – big warhead, from small aircraft, better range, guidance potential

    -New airbase at Shannon airport (co-op/tandem with Naval air)
    - New air station at Cork airport, some Knock (split air assets)

    Naval Service
    - bigger numbers in Naval Reserve (and make ties with boating clubs and sail schools if it helps)
    - obtain FACs, name as ‘ ¼ boats’? – many nations – ‘¼ boats’ crew c.12 pers’, short-period ship substitute /training/ relay/ picket/inshore patrols, 2½- 3 day w’end for Reserves, inboard(diesel)&outboard engines? 40kts sprint?, big mix weapons, 4-8 at one per harbour/naval reserve unit or, per existing vessel.
    -Keep existing 8 ship size (excl. proposed 4-8no. ¼ boats), ensure future orders to carry AW139/149 type heli, & hanger- (& Ki-8 emergency landing?)
    - possible 130mm main gun on later ships, - e.g. Rus130mm/old Swedish 120/old Finland naval 120mm/155mm bandkannon? -
    -make-do ‘CIWS’, triple 20mmx139 – France, Germany etc.etc. – cheap, stored, close users, for land/sea/air use
    -400mm torpedo – Sweden/India/ etc.? – misc. Ranges/warheads, small-med, aircraft potential
    -Crotale AA (& anti-ship) – France/Saudi Arabia etc.etc. – cheap(ish), widespread, small like ADATS/AA-8, land & sea use, close user
    -Use time share on French Mistral vessel to UN duties?
    – cross excuse to train re: Ki-8/Frelon, Alpha & Rafale jets, Crotale & 20mm systems
    -RBS15 anti-ship – Sweden/Croatia etc. – med. size warhead, aircraft and land vehicles (& sea?)
    - crew exchanges Sweden (and Scandinavian), France

    -Naval air base at Shannon (& station at Cork) Airports (with CASA295, naval AW139/149 & Ki-8)
    - locked ‘bunkers’ at ports for FAC type/ ¼ boats Reserve crafts

    -HOT3 anti-tank missile – Spain etc.etc. – long range, cheap, stored, works roughly like RBS70
    -K3 MICV – Korea – with 40mm as PDF Naval&Army, close users(re calibre), amphibious, light, narrow,
    -K1 LMG – Korea, Phillipines, Columbia? – cheap, potential to make Steyr compatible [as new & Euro user]
    -K21? 20mm (v.short) – Korea, this &/or hybrid with Australia effort for Steyr - in use, ‘force multiplier’
    -Denel MG151 20mm short – previous SA/ Portugal/France – superior to HMG, not much bigger,
    -Denel 20mm rifle – SA/India or Pakistan/? – very long range, swaps to 0.5 etc. calibres. With MG151
    -Denel 20mm bull pup? – no user – very short version of MG151 ammo, possible future hybrid mix with K21/Australian similar effort?
    - retain the FN rifles
    - re-commission AMLs – home/UN base protection, some UN patrol, possible remote use (point, decoy, mine hazard point vehicle..)

    Equipment Packages...
    – DORAs with 130mm artillery, 76mmAA/ 2x40mmAA with ADATSx4 (&2-4Crotale/AA-8/135mmrockets/chaff etc.?)
    - 40mm and 20mm calibre families use across two to three PDF branches
    - France/Sweden/Korea as source countries

    ‘Financing’ Packages...
    - limited e.g. French/Swedish, access to airports, air base, ports for: use of French air/sea equipment (& Scandinavian)
    - training opportunities & exchanges for: use of French air/sea equipment (& Scandinavians)
    - Advertisement for them as new &, Euro’ users for: deals on Korean items & French (Rafale lease)
    - Any surplus Irish Rail Locos/ trains/beef exchange for: k-8, ki8, k3s, K1, 130mm etc. (Korea as intermediary re 130mms?)
    - Coilte trees/tree products, Bord Na Mona (power stn. &/or domestic fuel) & training for DORA & 130mm
    - Tie use of many items into UN missions
    - Increase military spending on UN missions but decreases overseas aid spending pro-rata
    - Staged payments
    - support supplier nations in overseas UN missions, and maybe EU missions
    - crew exchange, or ship replacement when supplier nation caught short e.g. Naval vessel take over fishery patrols for Swedish or Norwegian ships broken down, undermanned, or chasing subs etc....

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    Did we just find oil?
    Time for another break I think......

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    Europe is bankrupt!!!!! There are no freebies any more. UK sold CVRT range to Baltic NATO ally and just sold 30 year old Bedford Saxon 'apc' to UKRAINE!!!!!
    In other words if you are a sovereign independent nation either put up or shut up!

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    just sold 30 year old Bedford Saxon 'apc' to UKRAINE!!!!!
    Time for another break I think......

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